How my diagnosis of breast cancer changed everything.

Hi. I’m Dana. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a day before my 28th birthday. That was almost 9 years ago. Life was good, it was going as it should in your mid-twenties…fun, love, laughter, career building, untouchable to the world. Then cancer happened.

I was diagnosed with Stage I, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I had no family history, I had no warning sign that breast cancer could happen to me, I was young, I was healthy, I was doing all the right things. The diagnosis was a shock to me, my family, my friends, and fiancé. After many tests, we found that I was ER+, HER2+, PR-. I did not have BRCA. That was all they tested for in 2010.

Since my diagnosis, I have learned so much more about my cancer, my early stage risks, and more about my genetic history. Although deemed “unidentified” I do hope that one day there is something I can attach this disease too, till then, I go in for a test every time a new gene is identified.

But even after all this, AnaOno happened. I started by designing bras for myself, and then I realized I was not alone. I was not the only woman with breast reconstruction that was having difficulty finding bras that fit me (and were also sexy!). It just happened, wearing a tank, a sports bra, or simply nothing at all, was not the answer I wanted. It was not the way I wanted to express myself, so I ended up doing something about it! AnaOno was born. AnaOno is more than a bra, it is a piece of you that you had before cancer, it can still be something that helps you feel beautiful and empowered. It isn’t just about a bra that fits you properly or doesn’t cause discomfort at the end of the day. It’s representing our bodies, our (f)oobs, and our lives after we have been affected. That’s why with AnaOno you are Never Alone®.